Kustpark Village Scaldia

Culture lovers

The many museums, monuments and galleries in the area demonstrate this well. The water is often the central theme, not only the battle against the water, but also the many opportunities that the water offers the people of Zeeland.

From the dyke, you have a view of Vlissingen, a wonderful city for a cultural excursion. But you can not only enjoy all the culture in Zeeland, but also its southern neighbors. Take a day trip to Bruges for example, where you can enjoy the centuries-old monuments in this picturesque village.


  1. Visserij museum Breskens
  2. Rondvaart boot in Breskens
  3. Het belfort in Sluis
  4. Vlissingen
  5. Brugge
  6. Terneuzen
  7. Breskens
  8. Middelburg
  9. Muzeeum

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