Kustpark Village Scaldia


A true Zeeland port town, located 20 km from Hoofdplaat. Here you can have a lot of fun in one of the many restaurants and cafés. There is plenty to see and experience in Terneuzen. For example, the impressive lock complex, Het Portaal van Vlaanderen, where you have a view of the locks and the Westerschelde from a 40-metre high watchtower. Literally and figuratively a highlight!

Terneuzen is also home to beautiful neighbourhoods with old buildings, modern shopping streets and you can get a breath of fresh air on the Scheldt boulevard, where you can also admire the shipping at close quarters.


  1. Scheldetheater
  2. Scheldorado: subtropisch zwemparadijs
  3. Schoolmuseum Schooltijd
  4. Snowbase: indoor skihal