Kustpark Village Scaldia


Fishing village Breskens

8 km from Village Scaldia is the fishing village of Breskens. Traditionally a fishing village, but also a popular place for tourists thanks to its beautiful, kilometres-long beaches. The beach extends all the way to Belgium. So for real beach lovers, this is a great beach to take long beach walks and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. For instance, you can see the lighthouse, some beautiful forts and a beautiful salt marsh area.

Breskens is the departure point of the bicycle-foot ferry Breskens - Vlissingen. Also the starting point of the walkway to the marina. Along the way, you will pass the lookout stairs, from which you will have a wonderful view over the Westerschelde. During this walk, also visit the Fisheries Museum and the fish auction. Fresh fish is still supplied daily at the fish auction. The marina deals with low and high tide, unique in the Netherlands! To rest, you can choose from several restaurants where you can eat delicious fresh fish, for example on the Spuiplein, or at the marina. You can also find numerous nice beach pavilions along the beach.

The highlight of the year are the fishing festival days, both for locals and tourists. For two days in August, everyone livens up. There are performances by well-known Dutch artists, various bands and street performers, a large fair, two fairs, a flea market, children's attractions, and so on.